Each of the personality types in Color Code carry their own personality traits that either represent STRENGTHS or LIMITATIONS. There are 15 Strengths and 15 Limitations for each color. Once you take the Color Code assessment you'll receive your results that include a list of your innate strengths and limitations.

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#1. Developing Strengths & Becoming Charactered

#2. Removing My Limitations

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One of the greatest benefits of knowing all the strengths of all the colors, including the ones not listed in your results, is it gives you the opportunity to develop strengths that may not come naturally for you. When you choose to develop strengths outside of your core color, you engage in the process of what the Color Code defines as becoming "charactered". As Anne Frank said, "The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands." 


As encouraging as it may be to see your strengths in your report, it is important to not get discouraged by seeing your limitations. Here are some ground rules to remember when working on your limitations:

  1. Let go of any judgment you have. Judgment is counter productive to overcoming your limitations.
  2. Being honest and owning your limitations is an act of courage regardless of where you are in your life.
  3. Recognize that working on removing your limitations takes patience, persistence, and consistency.
  4. If a limitation shows up on your report and you feel it is inaccurate, you may have started out in your life with the limitation but have already done your own work in overcoming that limitation so it no longer shows up. Kudos to you if that's the case!
  5. Once you’ve had a chance to review your color code results, it’s best to choose 1-2 limitations to work on at a time. 
  6. Enrolling an accountability partner to help you track your progress and give you feedback will greatly increase the probability of achieving your goal of removing your limitations. An accountability partner can often see what you can’t see for yourself.

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You can explore more detailed information and strategies in order to develop strengths and remove limitations identified in your assessment results.